Digital Sound
  • Digital Sound, another Mazzika subsidiary, Established in November 2002 Digital Sound is a fundamental subsidiary of Mazzika Group specialized in providing value added services to mobile telephony systems through (Interactive voice response, SMS, MMS…etc. ) and digital distribution including the establishment and operation of new media over the internet and new mobile generations.

    Content includes:
    • Monophonic Ring-tones
    • Operator Logos
    • Polyphonic Ring-tones
    • Real-Tunes (Voice/True)
    • Static/Animated Wallpapers, Screensavers
    • Video Clip downloads

Digital Sound is at the forefront of digital distribution companies across Egypt and the Middle East through a wide spread network coverage provided by mobile operator leaders in the region (Mobinil,Vodafone, Etisalat,Iraqna…ect).