Animated Graphics:-
Branding the channel’s animated graphics i.e. song credits, corporate tv commercials, SMS bar.

Program Sponsorship:-
Brand sponsoring readily available programs that serve brand identity (Red Room sponsored by Vodaphone). Program set up, props and décor incorporate brand logo.

Customized Program:-
Mazzika TV creates a custom program for a specific brand based on a set of particular requirements (Mayfotaksh Ma3 Mobinil).

Product Placement:-
In programs, video clips, and corporate commercials.

Sponsored Compilation:-
Music compilation produced by Mazzika sponsored by a specific brand, incorporating brand logo ….

Sponsored Album Launches:-
Variety of sponsorship levels for album launch events held by Mazzika for its artist.

SMS (short messaging service):-
Sending promotional SMS’s to the public via channel SMS bar.

TV Spots:-
Buying advertising time on screen executed through our media representative (MEMS)