Welcome to The Leading Entertainment group In the Middle East

Mazzika Group is the largest and most known Music Production group in the Arab world, the group has served the tastes of its entire listeners for over 40 years producing and Managing most of the music you hear today. Owning and managing a catalogue of more than 80% of the music in the Middle East.

Mazzika TV has differentiated itself as the oldest and most watched music entertainment channel in the middle east
serving our listeners and fans everywhere. We operate through our wholly owned subsidiaries, in Egypt and in the Middle East to inspire young talents and to grow and flourish the existing artists

Renowned Egyptian entrepreneur, Mohsen Gaber, founded the company in the 1974 as a fledgling Music distribution business serving the local Egyptian market. Today, the group is the strongest Arabic Music Production and Distribution Company in the World. Artists consider Mazzika Group as the family home of the business and a catalyst to their creativity and innovation