Stars For Arts and media Production
  • Founded in 2005, Stars For Art was established as a music library for the Groups music production content in addition to priceless music catalogues purchased from other production companies since the early 50’s to today.
  • Through Stars For Art the Group purchased the trademark and catalogues of the most important music production companies in Egypt and the Arab World of which are Sout El Hob, Sout El Phan Sout lebanon, golden cassette, misr for art ,Afrikana and Miramar.
  • The musical content from Sout El Phan,Alam El Phan, and voice of Lebanon translates to the complete work of legends such as, Abd El Halim, Mohamed Abd El Wahab, Warda, Farid El Atrash, and Sabah. In addition to the entire collection of Abd EL Halim’s movies.

  • Stars For Art actual treasure lies in its acquisition of the timeless catalogues of the legendary Om Kolthoum, which is by far more precious than all other catalogues combined.

Stars For Art purchased the rights of all the compositions by some of Egypt and the Arab World’s most celebrated composers, for instance, Riyad El Hamshari, Baleigh Hamdi, Mohamed Abd El Wahab, and Mohamed EL Mougy.

This compilation of content translates to the Groups attainment of approximately 80% of musical content available in the market today.