Launched in 2005, Zoom positioned itself as a full fledged entertainment channel, focused less on video clips and more on a unique selection of signature programs reflecting the channel’s personality statement “3al Makshoof”.

Zooms targets the age group between 15-35 from the A,B, and C+ Class. Through this diversification in age and class, Zoom’s mission is to position itself in the mind of it’s audience as an uncensored reflection of the public’s interest. Thus comes the channel’s slogan “3al Makshoof”.

Channel content is based on programs and 30% video clips. Programs varying from entertainment news coverage, and field reports from the most important social events to exclusive star interviews with a twist.

Video Clips:
Zoom broadcasts all time favorites of the Arab world’s most outstanding artists from the 80’s up to this date.

Zoom presents a diverse range of programs ranging between one-on-one interviews (Sahra Ma3 Nefm, Dardasha, and Negm 3l Makshoof), fashion (3al Moda), news and updates.

Zoom’s coverage of prominent events; pageants, fashion shows, as well as independent interviews with major contributors in the music field.